Vincent Van Hoeck: Travel and Fashion

I love the American continent with the deserts of Nevada and the great national parks. Miami is a city that I also love, there is everything you could dream of like in Dubai for example, but without all the bling bling and the too much of Dubai and the Arab Emirates (or I prefer Abu Dhabi).

The 700 kilometer route number 1 between San Francisco and Los Angeles. And then of course New York, which I know by heart, for its museums, its exhibitions…. Without doubt my favorite country is Canada in the fall and a motorhome crossing between Quebec in the east to Vancouver on the west coast. A few thousand kilometers and unforgettable landscapes! For me, the two cities of the 21st century are Vancouver and Shanghai.

I also really like train travel with, among others, between Moscow and Saint Petersburg, or the Orient Express to Vienna or Venice .. or the African Explorer train in South Africa.

I have very fond memories of my 30-day journey between Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina (magnificent Patagonia) and Chile. Then, Thailand with Phuket, Kosa Mui…and Indonesia with Bali and Kuala Lumpur in particular. My future project is a world tour: Brussels Hong Kong then Darwin to Adelaide in Australia, crossing Australia with the GHAN over 3000 kilometers of desert, a mythical train! Then Sydney and New Zealand. Then Tahiti then Hawaii and back to San Francisco and finally Brussels.

I also love cruises and know all the destinations in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. I have a weakness for cruises that allow me to discover a new setting every morning! And then of course, Egypt and a magnificent descent of the Nile and a stay at the Old Cataract hotel in Aswan …, Abu Simbel. And finally, close to BRUSSELS, Paris which remains the most beautiful city in the world where I must have gone 100 times.

An open-air museum, an immense wealth of museums, exhibitions, fashion shows…it really is the number ONE city in the world! Naples in Italy, Granada in Spain, Marrakech in Morocco, Assinie in Ivory Coast… And then, all that I forget…