Ismael Zita currently lives on the Newport shoreline. He is the CEO of UGS Inversión y Seguridad, a real estate investment company, where they have been operating in Los Angeles since 2012.

¨I always dreamed of owning properties and developing buildings¨ Ismael tells us. ¨My dream is to be more successful and grow my company into a renowned international company. I see myself as a successful businessman and a successful family man.

What makes you stand out in your sector, why are you unique?
¨What makes me stand out is that I have better marketing and better personal communication¨ says Ismael

How did you or your company make a name for yourself in your industry, especially in the beginning?
¨With our good business ethics and my personal reputation¨

What advice do you wish someone had given you early in your career?
¨Start soon. I chose it because every year millionaires are made with the real estate sector. It’s beautiful to see and build the business from the ground up. What keeps me going and getting out of these difficult times are my family. What I highlight as a success is that I earned my first million at the age of 29”

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